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Vim / NeoVim

NOTE: Neovim has recently included a native Language Server, though it is not yet available over in many distributed versions (e.g. brew). Once the native solution is verified to work well, we will update this documentation to reflect the setup.


The following instructions should enable Erlang language server integration via the Coc system (an intellisense engine for both Vim and Neovim).

Installing Coc with vim-plug

For vim-plug users with nodejs >= 10.12 installed, installing the plugin is just:

" Use release branch (Recommended)
Plug 'neoclide/coc.nvim', {'branch': 'release'}

To make the plugin aware of erlang_ls however, it needs configuration.

Coc plugin configuration

Coc is configured through coc-settings.json, which can be opened in vim by issuing the command:


If erlang_ls is present in your $PATH variable then the following config should suffice:

  "languageserver": {
    "erlang": {
      "command": "erlang_ls",
      "filetypes": ["erlang"]

When vim starts editing a file of filetype erlang, if the erlang_ls server can be started and connected to, you should see something like the following message from Coc:

[coc.nvim] Erlang LS (in erlang_ls), version: X.Y.Z+build.REF

For suggestions on configuring Coc and possible key-bindings see its example configuration documentation.