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Snippets are here

Snippets are a convenient way to insert portions of code without having to write them from scratch or to copy them from an external source every single time.


To start using snippets, ensure you have the latest version of Erlang LS. Then, simply start typing snippet. A dropdown with all available snippets will appear, so you can select one.

Selecting Snippets

Edoc Snippets

A few built-in snippets are available, ranging from a try catch construct to a receive after statement, from a record attribute to edoc blocks.

Snippets contain placeholders, which can be used for easier navigation via the TAB key. They also have the concept of a variable, which gets expanded automatically when the snippet is selected. The syntax for snippets is described in detail here.

Contributing snippets is trivial and does not require coding. Built-in snippets are stored in the Erlang LS priv directory.

It is also possible to add custom snippets by dropping them into:


This mechanism allows your organization to customize snippets, so they match specific coding styles and conventions. A custom snippet which has the same name as built-in one will take precedence, so the former will override the latter in the snippets dropdown.