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The Kakoune editor provides support for Erlang LS via the Kakoune Language Server Protocol Client (kak-lsp) Kakoune plugin.

Step 0: Use a recent Kakoune installation

Make sure you have a recent Kakoune installation. Package managers may carry very old versions of Kakoune.


  • Building Kakoune from source is easy and will give you the latest features
  • If you follow the steps on this page, Erlang LS should work in Kakoune. However you will probably want to see syntax highlighting for Erlang in addition to the features that Erlang LS provides like goto definition etc. That is available only in the Kakoune 2021.10.28 tagged release (and later) or on current git sources

Step 1: Install Erlang LS

Install Erlang LS on your system. You may or may not decide to put the erlang_ls executable on your $PATH.

Step 2: Install kak-lsp

Install or build kak-lsp from source by following instructions on its repository.

Step 3: Edit the kak-lsp configuration

Look for kak-lsp.toml. This file has language specific settings for the Kakoune kak-lsp plugin.

On Linux, configuration for kak-lsp should usually live at $HOME/.config/kak-lsp/kak-lsp.toml where $HOME is your home directory.

Open kak-lsp.toml in your favorite editor (Kakoune 😄?), look for [language.erlang]. It should look something like this:

filetypes = ["erlang"]
# See for more information and
# how to configure. This default config should work in most cases though.
roots = ["rebar.config", "", ".git", ".hg"]
command = "erlang_ls"

Tip: If you don't find [language.erlang] your probably have an older version of kak-lsp. Nevermind, you can add this toml snippet yourself to kak-lsp.toml without any issues

If the erlang_ls executable is on your $PATH

Save kak-lsp.toml if you added the above snippet and restart Kakoune.

You're done! Erlang LS should work now on Erlang projects and sources!

If the erlang_ls executable is not on your $PATH

Change the command line for the [language.erlang] section to:

command = "/the/path/to/erlang_ls"

Don't forget to save the file and restart Kakoune!